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These emblems are ready to use. Click the version of SilkRoad Online you want to see the emblems.
* Your guild must be min level 4 for guild emblem and level 5 for union emblem.
* Right click the emblem you want.
* Select Save As and find your Slkroad Online game folder.
* Rename the file guildmark or unionmark.
* Press OK.
* Visit the guild NPC in any city.
* Buy a Guild or Union Emblem Registration Scroll.
* Right click the scroll and if successful, your emblem should show as a white box for several minutes and then appear correctly.

Before you select any version, be sure that you know how to add emblem in game, if you don't than click here.
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Taiwan Version
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c-sro.eu: New Website's design

Posted by Admin on 2011-06-02 23:15:54 MDT

Hello this is c-sro.eu

Hope you like..

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cSRO Official: CIMO blocking 1-94 chars from Alexandria

Posted by SilkroadSecret on 2011-02-11 07:20:15 MST

All characters below level 95 will be banned from Alexandria area. read more...

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c-sro.eu: Importand msg, Blocked accounts/Stolen accounts

Posted by Admin on 2011-01-14 01:17:08 MST

At these days we see many got hacked/scammed/stolen,

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